Wednesday, April 2, 2008


ONE NIGHT SPEND - Where Fashion Meets Music and You Spend !

Sick of one night stands? How about we go on a ONE NIGHT SPEND?

That is the best pick-up line ever. You don't believe us? Come try it out @ Replacement's Midnight Sales. There'll be loads of cool stuff to choose from. All your favourite labels, BRAND NEW ! If there's nothing for you, just party out on a fashion high and try the pick-up line ! But seriously though, this is one night of spending you'll never regret. So come ! LIVE LIFE FOR FASHION AND MUSIC ! Well, you can start here :)

Location : Replacement Boutique Salon
Duration : 6pm to 12 MIDNIGHT !!
Address : 5-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar!(opposite La Bodega, u can't miss it unless you're blind!)
Contact : 603 - 2287 6812

One last thing .... PARTY ? SHOP? PARTY? SHOP? PARTY? SHOP? What the HECK ! DO BOTH !!! COME COME

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